The SikhiToTheMAX II desktop search engine is here. Search the Sikh holy scriptures in new innovative ways. This is a temporary staging area for the download. The whole website will be going through a revamp shortly.


The SikhiToTheMAX software is a Microsoft Windows based development that runs on PCs running the Windows operating system. The system requires the .NET framework version 1.1 to run as a prerequisite..

Please read the following FAQ carefully before contacting the SikhiToTheMAX team with any issues.

Prerequisites - Before starting
What do I needs to install before installing the SikhiToTheMAX software?
Before using this software, you need to have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed. To check if you have it installed, go to your C: drive on your computer and check to see if you have the following directory:


Alternatively, go to Control Panel and double click on Add Remove Programs. The "Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1" program should be listed in the list.

If you DO NOT, then you need to install the following setup that is available at:

Windows 2000 users will also need to download the latest MDAC components which is here:

Windows VISTA Users
Why does the program run once then return an error every time I try to run it?
After installing the software, Windows Vista users also need to follow these steps to ensure that the security settings allow the software to run.

By default the directory where STTM II gets installed does not have the correct permissions. We will endeavour to fix this shortly. To overcome the problem follow these instructions. You will need administrator rights.

1) Open file explorer
2) Select the install directory (by default this will be C:Program FilesSikhiToTheMAX II)
3) Right click on the directory
4) Select properties
5) Select the Security tab
6) Click the "Edit…" button
7) In the "Group or user names" list select "User (YourPCUsers)" (YourPC will be your computer name)
8) In the "Permissions for Users" click on the "Allow" checkbox for "Full Control".

All of the checkboxes in the "Allow" column should now be selected.
Click "OK"
Click "OK"

Run the software.

Installation Problem
When installing the software, the install stops and does not complete. What should I do?
Your computer might not be completely up to date with windows patches and this has not been resolved. The only solution known as of yet is to also install the .NET 3.5 framework. Please download and install from here:

Creating Powerpoint Templates
How can I create my own Powerpoint template to use with the software?
It is very easy to create your own customised template to use with STTM II. The software uses the first slide and makes copies of it to create a full Shabad. You can change the master slide or the first slide to make a customised version.

1) Go to the SikhiToTheMAX install directory (default c:\Program Files\SikhiToTheMAX II)
2) Make a copy of one of the existing PPT files. Ensure that the copy is in the install directory.
3) Rename your copy
4) Open the copied ppt file
5) DO NOT delete any of the text boxes. These are needed by the software when it populates the template.
6) Change the background to your desired image
7) Change the colour and fonts in the textboxes (it is advisable not to change the font sizes by too much)
8) Save your template.
9) Open SikhiToTheMAX software and your template will be in the list.


SikhiToTheMAX II performs automatic updates. The software can only perform updates if your computer firewalls do not block internet access.

  • 12th April 2008 - update bug with ordering of pangthees
  • 27th March 2008 - software launched

Future Plans

Here are some short term goals that we are aiming to achieve.

  • 2008 - Website relaunch
  • 2008 - PDA version relaunch
  • 2008 - Gurbani corrections
  • 2008 - Bhai Gurdas Jee Kabith Savaiye translations
  • 2008 - Addition of Bani of Bhai Nand Lal Jee

Additional Downloads

Help Files

guyHere is a complete list of all the help videos available for the software..

Powerpoint Templates

guyHere are some more Powerpoint templates that were created for the software. Please send us your creations to add to this list.

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