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This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Sorath on Pannaa 649

pauVI ]
pourree ||

DMnu Dnu Bwg iqnw Bgq jnw jo hir nwmw hir muiK khiqAw ]
dhha(n)n dhhan bhaag thinaa bhagath janaa jo har naamaa har mukh kehathiaa ||
Blessed, blessed is the good fortune of those devotees, who, with their mouths, utter the Name of the Lord.

Dnu Dnu Bwg iqnw sMq jnw jo hir jsu sRvxI suxiqAw ]
dhhan dhhan bhaag thinaa sa(n)th janaa jo har jas sravanee sunathiaa ||
Blessed, blessed is the good fortune of those Saints, who, with their ears, listen to the Lord's Praises.

Dnu Dnu Bwg iqnw swD jnw hir kIrqnu gwie guxI jn bxiqAw ]
dhhan dhhan bhaag thinaa saadhh janaa har keerathan gaae gunee jan banathiaa ||
Blessed, blessed is the good fortune of those holy people, who sing the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, and so become virtuous.

Dnu Dnu Bwg iqnw gurmuKw jo gurisK lY mnu ijxiqAw ]
dhhan dhhan bhaag thinaa guramukhaa jo gurasikh lai man jinathiaa ||
Blessed, blessed is the good fortune of those Gurmukhs, who live as Gursikhs, and conquer their minds.

sB dU vfy Bwg gurisKw ky jo gur crxI isK pViqAw ]18]
sabh dhoo vaddae bhaag gurasikhaa kae jo gur charanee sikh parrathiaa ||18||
But the greatest good fortune of all, is that of the Guru's Sikhs, who fall at the Guru's feet. ||18||

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