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This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Maajh on Pannaa 140

sloku mÚ 1 ]
salok ma 1 ||
Salok, First Mehla:
(Salok, First Mehla:)

jy rqu lgY kpVY jwmw hoie plIqu ]
jae rath lagai kaparrai jaamaa hoe paleeth ||
If one's clothes are stained with blood, the garment becomes polluted.

jo rqu pIvih mwxsw iqn ikau inrmlu cIqu ]
jo rath peevehi maanasaa thin kio niramal cheeth ||
Those who suck the blood of human beings-how can their consciousness be pure?

nwnk nwau Kudwie kw idil hCY muiK lyhu ]
naanak naao khudhaae kaa dhil hashhai mukh laehu ||
O Nanak, chant the Name of God, with heart-felt devotion.

Avir idvwjy dunI ky JUTy Aml kryhu ]1]
avar dhivaajae dhunee kae jhoot(h)ae amal karaehu ||1||
Everything else is just a pompous worldly show, and the practice of false deeds. ||1||

NOTE: Replaced (old) translations are in red.
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